Today, millions of people of the country and the world are suffering from diabetes sugar disease. Increasing stress, lack of manual labor and deteriorating lifestyle make our Pancreas weak reading. When we do negative thinking, angry, angry and eat too much allopathic medicine, all of them cause beta cells ofContinue Reading

Tasty, processed and refined; Sugar is omnipresent in our superstore, a silent killer affecting innocent victims. Monster Sugar is now one of the most reoccurring serial killers of all time and is yet to be taken out by the authorities. People are recommended to steer clear of processed foods, fruit-ladenContinue Reading

The biggest medicine to treat sugar is present in the kitchen of your home. The cheapest and most effective medicine for the Ayurvedic treatment of sugar is “fenugreek seeds and aloe vera juice”, if you use both of these for three months properly, then sugar disease will be eliminated fromContinue Reading