Our immune system begins at the toddler stage of life; and so, the immunity booster food for kids must be strong enough with good immune at this early stage. Getting exposure to the virus and bacteria from birth has an initial role in building up the immune system to fight against future infections. An infant fights against five to eight colds per year during the winter season. Mothers are very cautious in protecting their toddlers from harmful microbes both in and out of the house. But, only good nutrition is the biggest factor in enhancing kids’ immunity.

An Overview Of The Immune System:

The immune system encloses a series of cells, tissues, and organs that help you throughout the lifetime, and protects you from different pathogens that invade, and keeps us healthy and we can able to fight back many infections. If your kids frequently catch colds, feels rundown and inactive, or takes an elongated period to recover from an injury or illness, it is likely to say that the immune system is affected.

Nutrition Plays A Vital Role In Immunity:

Good nutrition is the foundation of improving the kid’s immune system. The immune system establishes defense against infection and disease, thereby, influencing the functions of the immune system, which encloses sleep, stress, and nutrition. Offering kid with highly nutritious foods rich in minerals and vitamins supports the optimum functions of the immune system by providing the required antioxidants. In this rapidly developing world, all of us are running towards our job and so that we can’t able to take care of our kids. This will cause an immune deficiency in a child’s future life. An immunity booster food for kids is a must during the period of infancy. Nutrition deficiencies can:

  • Cause infectious diseases to your child.
  • Lead to reduced intake of foods that can cause malnutrition.
  • Removes the power of immune nutrients from toddlers that fight against diseases and infections.

There are many vitamins and minerals that play a vital role in improving the functions of the immune system in children. The nutrients which are important for kids to provide first-line defense are vitamin A, C, E, and zinc. The nutrients that are vital for immune cells are vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, selenium, zinc, folic acid, and copper. Further, some nutrients significant in producing antibodies are vitamin A, B6, D, B12, E, selenium, zinc, folic acid, and copper.

First-Line Defense In Boosting Kid’s Immune System:

The best way to support and initiate a kid’s immune system is the mother’s milk at the time of birth. Breastfeeding delivers natural nutrition to the newborn as well as infants. Human breast milk also contains abundant protective factors that fight against infectious disease and can influence the development of the immune system. Human breast milk virtually provides nutrients, fat, and sugar that keeps the baby healthy and also provides many substances that boost the immune system such as enzymes, antibodies, white blood cells, and immune factors.

Foods That Help To Boost Immunity In Kids:

Proper food is very important for kids to boost their overall immunity. Many parents are unaware of the immune system and its functions. They must know about the basic functions of the immune system to take care of their child. On the other hand, due to poverty, numerous kids all around the world did not get proper foods that boost their immune system. Many low-cost foods are available at the market that plays a vital role in boosting their kids’ immunity.

The parents should feed lots of immunity booster foods for kids. Furthermore, there are many natural ways available to boost the immunity of infants and make them strong to withstand common diseases and infections.

Here is a list of foods that boost the immune system of infants.

  1. Leafy vegetables
  2. Root vegetables
  3. Garlic, onion, and ginger
  4. Cayenne peppers
  5. Red bell peppers
  6. Squash or pumpkin
  7. Apricots
  8. Citrus fruits
  9. Berries
  10. Pulses
  11. Green peas
  12. Sprouts
  13. Nuts and seeds
  14. Curd or yogurt
  15. Turmeric
  16. Honey
  17. Eggs
  18. Salmon
  19. Avocado
  20. Health mixes

1. Leafy vegetables:

Vegetables namely cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, kale, parsley, lettuce, and especially green leafy vegies help in fighting and preventing infections and diseases. These veggies are loaded with micronutrients and nutrients such as vitamins A, K, and C, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, etc. They are rich in antioxidants such as beta carotene and additional carotenoids that are essential for boosting the immune system. These antioxidants’ rich immunity booster foods for kids play a vital role in the immune system.

2. Root vegetables:

According to Chinese, the root vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, yam, beetroots, and potatoes help in strengthening the immune system and work in specific for the respiratory system. These vegetables are grown underground; so, they absorb lots of nutrients from the soil. Root veggies are specifically rich in insoluble and soluble fiber and further, this helps to build the interior health. These vegetables are particularly rich in minerals, vitamins, and fibers which help in boosting the immune system in kids.

3. Garlic, onions, and ginger:

Onion and garlic are rich in sulfur compounds that will prevent cancer-causing agents. The active compound of flavonoids in onion, garlic, and ginger boosts the kid’s immunity system. The active compound in garlic is allicin, in onion it is quercetin, and in ginger it is shagaols. Adding these ingredients while preparing food for kids prevents seasonal illness. It is always better to make fresh pastes from garlic and ginger instead of buying packed pastes from stores. These veggies help in digestion and enhance heart health.

4. Red bell peppers:

Red bell peppers are a perfect supplement to boost kid’s immunity level. These veggies contain carotene that is good for both eyes and skin. Further, they are rich in vitamin C and contain more vitamin C nutrients than the oranges. These red bell peppers add food to the extra color which grabs the attraction and invites kids to eat it. Feeding these kind of immunity booster foods for kids is very essential for improving their immune system.

5. Cayenne peppers:

Cayenne peppers provide chemical capsaicin that is a source of vitamin C, which helps the immune system in fighting against the flu and colds. One tablespoon of this vegies has 44% pf RDI vitamin A that is the crucial nutrient that is boosting immunity and fighting against infections.

6. Squash and pumpkin:

The veggies that belong to the family of squash and pumpkin are loaded with lots of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, magnesium, manganese, and folate. These substances will strengthen the immune system of the kids. Also, the pumpkin contains 245% of the daily requirement of vitamin A.

7. Apricots:

These veggies are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties. The apricots contain lots of anti-oxidants that enhance the immune system and help the kids in resisting the common infection and diseases. They are loaded with potassium, vitamin A, vitamin c, and lots of dietary fiber.

8. Citrus fruits:

The citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and guavas have a huge amount of vitamin C and antioxidants that help in boosting the immunity of the kids. Further, these fruits will help in the absorption of nutrients such as iron and supporting the immune system to strengthen the kid. This can be given to a child in the form of juice.

9. Berries:

A diet of superfoods is incomplete without the berries, and while coming to the immune system, the blackberries are heroes in boosting them. Berries such as blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and blueberries are rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and phytochemicals that help in boosting the immune system and fight the inflammation in infants.

10. Pulses:

Pulses and lentils contain rich proteins, folate, fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. By consuming these nutritious foods at infancy the kid can easily get proteins that are crucial for all the body systems enclosing the immune system. Lentils contain phytochemicals that help in fighting against chronic illnesses.

11. Green peas:

Feeding the kids with green peas is the best thing and these are rich in healthy nutrients such as vitamin A, C, B6, and B1. Green peas are also rich in antioxidants such as carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, and phenolic acids and this helps in boosting the immune system in kids. Furthermore, these peas are the best source of protein which has 8g of protein per cup of peas.

12. Sprouts:

While all sorts of food groups have their health benefits, but sprouting and feeding those to kids will increase the benefits. Sprouting provides hidden nutrients more bio-available and helps in easier absorption of nutrients by the body. Besides, the parents can feed these kinds of immunity booster foods for kids.

13. Nuts and seeds:

Some of the commonly available nuts are walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts, and peanuts. While, the seeds include flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, and hemp seeds. These are packed with a very good source of nutrients such as proteins, fibers, healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. Seeds and nuts are rich in vitamin E that acts as an important immune booster and antioxidant. If the parents feel trouble feeding seeds and nuts to their kids then they can prepare dry fruit powder at their home.

14. Curd or yogurt:

The curd and yogurt are packed with good healthy bacteria that help in maintaining good health. The curd contains probiotics that help in maintaining the gut ecosystem by keeping away the illness. Recent studies have discovered that the curd and the yogurt are loaded with lots of immuno-stimulatory effects that will enhance the immune system of the toddler.

15. Turmeric:

Turmeric is one of the best nutritional supplements cum effective medicine available in everyone’s kitchen. It is considered as a wonder spice that was used all around the world by generation to improve health. Turmeric is loaded with curcumin that offers it with antioxidants, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Adding a small amount of turmeric while cooking food will act as immunity booster foods for kids.

16. Honey:

Honey is well known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties which make it has the best solution for many health problems such as low immunity power. Honey takes a wide part in improving gut health. Further, the antioxidants loaded in honey will help in removing the free radicals that cause serious infections or diseases.

17. Eggs:

Some research has proven that when a kid lacks vitamin D, then he or she is more likely to get affected by infectious diseases. Eggs are the only supplement that is loaded with naturally occurring vitamin D. Further, they also contain many other immune-boosting nutrients, namely selenium and vitamin B.

18. Salmon:

Salmons is loaded with rich omega 3 fats. Fats are responsible for brain development and reduce inflammation that increases the airflow and further, protects the lungs from respiratory infections and colds. The latest study says that fatty acids boost the immune system and helps in the enhancement of the function of immune cells. Salmon nuggets can be an amazing snack loaded with nutrients for your kids. 

19. Avocado:

Avocado is packed with vitamin E and healthy fats and both of them are essential for developing a kid’s immune system. The parents can feed avocados during breakfast or stuffing it in a sandwich can be a great lunch for them. Particularly, these nutritious immunity booster foods for kids should be given during their infancy period.

20. Health mixes:

The mothers of picky young eaters can feed them with nutrients rich homemade health mixes. This supplement can boost the immune system of the kids. The mixes are specially made for fussy kids to fulfill their dietary requirements. The health mix is made up of nutrients rich grains, lentils, seeds, and nuts.  

Parents should make sure that their kids have a healthy diet that encloses a variety of nutritious foods such as, seeds and nuts, necessary fats and oils from fish, eggs, and tuna, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Further, the parents can safeguard their infant’s immunity by comprising a variety of foods in his or her daily diet. And they don’t need to worry about slight infections that he or she might catch up because this will helps the kid in building resistance against the infectious diseases in the future. So, the right quantity of immunity booster foods for kids is very essential for them in future life.

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