Ginger for Nausea – the natural way to reduce Nausea or calm an upset stomach Ginger is an inhibitor wealthy in metal, copper, pyridoxine and metallic element. it is believed to be additional powerful than antioxidant. This herb is additionally found to contain gingerols the anti-inflammatory drug compounds. The gingerolsContinue Reading

A sore throat may be a good annoyance. Ingestion and swallowing may be troublesome after you have throat inflammation. After all, it’s best to consult your doctor if your throat inflammation is supplying you with a tough time; however, it’ll be shocking to understand that an easy salt gargle willContinue Reading

Our body requires certain type of hormones for the appropriate functioning and growth. A small butterfly-shaped gland situated under the vocal box named as thyroid gland plays a vital role in the secretion of these hormones. The two major hormones called T3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (tetraiodothyronine), which are responsible forContinue Reading

Home remedies to treat PCOS and thyroid Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a medical illness that occurs in females due to unusually high levels of the androgen. Androgen is composed of testosterone and elevated level of androgen results in delayed ovulation process in females. Typical symptoms of PCOS are: DelayedContinue Reading

Why does a woman have white discharge? There are glands present in the vagina and cervix that produce fluid. This fluid excretes dead cells and bacteria and removes it from the body. A white discharge signifies the conditional and normal female reproductive system. This maintains the cleanness in the vagina.Continue Reading

Varicose veins are the veins having feeble walls or weak valves which causes blockage of blood in some areas resulting in twisting and inflammation of the veins. These can be easily visible due to being dark blue or purple. These may bulge out from the underside of the skin and can causeContinue Reading

What is OSTEOPOROSIS Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease due to which the thinning and weakening of bones occurs to an extent where they crack easily. The most commonly affected bones by Osteoporosis are hip bone, wrist, ribs and the spine. This is named as a ‘silent disease’ because no changesContinue Reading

Headache is such a common problem that most people deal with it on daily basis. Pressure of hectic life and work load looks on your mind and gives headache .Nowadays people get tensed from work very much and also they get tired, due to this they get suffered from headache.Continue Reading

Although males and females both are troubled by the dilemma of warts but it is the most common in females. Warts can develop anywhere on the body but generally they are found on hands, feet and face. Due to the infection, the outer layer of skin feels swollen rapidly asContinue Reading

Wherever is the disease, it always hurts and when it is in the mouth it becomes very painful. Sometimes in the case of mouth ulcers it becomes impossible to eat anything. When it reaches to digestive tract Then even swallowing becomes difficult .Mouth Ulcers are the sore inside the mouthContinue Reading

Eye loses attraction when we find dark circle arund id. Charm of face is also lost. Skin layer is very sensictive around eyes because mosturising glands not situated around eyes therefore we can see effect of stress and negligence of eye care Reason for Dark Circle around Eyes Anaemia InfectionContinue Reading

Scabies is an infectious disease. It goes from one to the other. This disease is also spread by shaking hands with the patient and sitting on his bed. The main cause of itching is a bacterium called Sarcopitis scabiai. This bacterium is also called ‘ach-myt’. Home Remedy for Itching BakingContinue Reading

Dengue infection is diagnosed by a blood test. There is no specific medicine to avoid this, but during this time you are advised to rest properly and drink lots of drinks. The people of Delhi are adopting some natural remedies to avoid it after getting dengue. We are giving youContinue Reading