Gain weight from the best protein supplement in the market

Though many people wish to lose weight, there are others where they hope to gain weight. Many people want to look and feel more muscular and improve athletic performance. The most important rule for gaining muscles is consuming more calories than you burn every day. People prefer the best protein powder for weight gain for its instant results.

People who struggle to gain weight through food can use mass gainer supplements as an alternative which is an effective way to gain weight. The best protein powder for weight gain is not only rich in protein but it can also carbs and often contains other ingredients like amino acids which are the basic building blocks of protein for muscles.

How to choose the best protein supplements

If you are facing a hard time gaining mass, you might not be consuming enough calories needed. Mostly Mass gainer supplements aren’t needed if you are consuming enough calories from your food, but people might not be having time to consider them a convenient addition in a busy lifestyle.

So there comes the need for an additional protein supplement product containing around about 50 to 70 grams of protein, with different amounts of carbs and calories added to it. Carb content ranges to about eighty-five to two hundred and fifty grams and calories ranging from six hundred to over thousand and two hundred in a single serving.

Universal Real Gains Weight Gainer

Universal Nutrition weight gainer supplement provides nearly fifty grams of high-quality protein per single serving while being lower in calories while comparing with many other products. This makes it the best protein powder for weight gain containing six hundred calories in a serving, this is lower than similar mass gainer.

While being low in calorie content, this product is also lower in carbs than other protein supplements with lower than a hundred grams of carbs in a serving. This product comes in Vanilla Ice Cream and Banana flavours with a fat content of five grams in a single serving of a hundred and fifty-five grams.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

Optimum Nutrition Pro produces are highly rated by many customers and these are award-winning supplements for their best performance as a quality mass gainer. Optimum Nutrition Pro mass gainer contains a whopping amount of sixty grams of dairy and egg protein.

Both these protein ingredients are considered high-quality proteins by many fitness enthusiasts. This product also comes under one of the lower-calorie and carb mass gainers in the market. It comes in double rich chocolate and banana flavours with a fat content of eight grams per serving.

MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass

MuscleMeds Carnivor is the best protein powder for weight gain because of its unique formula of protein isolated from Beef. While the majority of protein supplement products in the market depends on dairy proteins like whey or casein. This product does not stand unique with its protein ingredient but also it contains five grams of added creatine monohydrate.

Creatine is considered as one of the most effective supplements for making muscles stronger and powerful. Creatine monohydrate is a comparatively inexpensive ingredient on its own, but while considering mass gainer with beef protein and creatine combined can be a convenient supplement for people who wish to gain weight. This product comes in four flavours namely Vanilla Caramel, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Peanut Butter, strawberry.

MuscleTech Mass Tech

This product contains more than just protein and carbs in its basic ingredients. MuscleTech Mass Tech provides ten grams of creatine monohydrate per single serving, as well as an added branched-chain amino acids for every supplement intake. Apart from protein and creatine contains seven grams of fat per serving and comes in vanilla, chocolate, and birth cake flavours. Signature Mass Gainer

The Signature Mass Gainer is the best protein powder for weight gain supplement providing nearly seventy grams of protein per serving in the market. This product is a blend of whey and casein which is fast- and slow-digesting dairy proteins. Apart from these dairy protein ingredients it also contains egg protein as well. It contains nearly ten grams of fat in a serving that comes in vanilla and chocolate flavours.

Evolution Nutrition Stacked Protein Gainer

Evlution mass gainers contain dairy proteins such as casein and whey of fifty grams of protein content per serving. Both casein and whey come as dairy protein they’re very easily digestible than any other protein combinations. Evolution Nutrition Stacked Protein Gainer contains a thousand two hundred and fifty calories, six grams of fat, and two hundred and fifty grams of carbs in it. This product comes in two main flavours of vanilla ice cream and chocolate.

MusclePharm Combat XL

Though MusclePharm Combat XL has a similar formula of other similar mass gainers in the market. It has been independently tested for banned ingredients for weight gainers, so this is an advantage for this product for choosing as the best protein powder for weight gain. This product has gone through the Informed-Choice seal of approval, the manufacturing process, and the actual content of the supplement have been tested thoroughly.

Many weight gain manufacturing companies don’t undergo this test and assessment due to the time and expense involved in it. This assessment of banned ingredients is much needed to ensure the safety of the supplement and it might be important for athletes who could be subjected to drug usage in competitions. It contains fifty grams of protein, seven grams of fat, 252 grams of carbs, and 1270 calories. It has Vanilla, Chocolate Milk, and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour variants.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer comes with the advantage of the Informed-Choice seal of approval. It is safe to use because it has undergone a banned ingredients assessment test. It contains one gram of creatine monohydrate, fifty-two grams of protein, nine grams of fat, 246 grams of carbs, and 1280 calories in a single serving.

However, creatine dose may be lower than needed for full benefits, you may need to take an additional supplement of creatine to get a better result. It has three major flavours namely Gourmet Vanilla, Chocolate Cake Batter, Cookies, and Cream.


While choosing the best protein powder for weight gain, you need to consider a few things that include the price of the product compared to similar products in the market. The presence of other ingredients like creatine, available flavours, and product testing.

While the products listed in this article are some of the most popular muscle gainer available in the market, while there are many other products available apart from this. So you can choose from a wide range of samples, this article helps you through the deciding process whether or not a particular supplement is right for you.